Bushfire Assessment

Bushfire Threat Assessment (BTA): Bushfire Threat Assessments are undertaken to determine the potential threat from bush fire to a proposed development and property. North Point Surveys conducts site investigations to assess and outline possible hazards and degree of threat. From this we prepare a Bushfire Threat Assessment for a proposed residence or subdivision. The BTA will provide a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) commensurate with the calculated risk and make recommendations for providing the proposed development with the appropriate level of protection from Bushfire Attack.

Bush Fire Compliance Reports: As part of development in a Bush Fire prone area, the NSW Rural Fire Service will impose conditions within a Bush Fire safety authority. A compliance report is usually required by Council prior to issuing the Occupation or Subdivision certificate for a development. North Point Surveys carry out the necessary inspections and prepare a compliance report confirming that all requirements of the Bush Fire safety authority are met.